Yassa Poisson (à la Chez Billo)


Yasssa poisson Ingredients:

⁃ fish oyc/ poisson dvc ⁃ Salt, pepper,garlic paste/ sel, poivre, ail ⁃ Dried herb / herbes dvc ⁃ Onion, garlic powder/ oignon, ail en poudre ⁃ 1/2 cup oil / 110ml huile ⁃ 1 big Onion diced/ 1 oignon coupé en dés ⁃ 1 TBS Dijon mustard/ 1 CAS moutarde de Dijon ⁃ Diced carrots, green beans( optional)/ carottes et haricots verts coupés en des(optional) ⁃ Cabbage( optional)/choux( optional) ⁃ Eggplant( optional)/ aubergine ( optional) ⁃ 1/2 lemon, lime/ 1/2 citron vert et jaune ⁃ Vinegar/ vinaigre ⁃ Habanero( optional)/ piment fort( optional) ⁃ Bay leaves / feuilles de lauriers Marinade for fish: ⁃ lemon juice/ jus de citron ⁃ Salt, black pepper/ sel, poivre noir ⁃ Habanero ⁃ Dried parseley/ persil sec ⁃ 2TBS oil/ 2CAC d’huile ⁃ 1tsp herb de Provence / 1 cac herbes de Provence ⁃ Our spice mixture( optional)/ mélange d’épice fait maison ⁃ Nokos ( mixture of onions garlic spices blended)

Steps: Clean fish thoroughly then pat dry mix all ingredients from marinade and put it on fish Let sit for at least 20 mins, then pan fry fish or grill, once done put aside. Marinate diced onions with salt, pepper, garlic, herbs, half of the oil, some chopped up habanero if using, and our spice mixture. In the meantime sautée a little diced onions or nokos if using, then add vegetables if using until done then take them out and add all other ingredients the onions, diced veggies until onions are cooked to your liking then add dijon mustard ang grilled fish then cook for another 5 to 10 minutes. Note: you eat Yassa with rice either white or brown or even cauliflower rice goes great with it. I flavored my rice with lemon and lime zest, bay leaves and habanero and lemon juice which can be used with all the other rice options.

Bon Appétit 😋!